How I feel about the Liturgy debates

How I feel about the Liturgy debates

If Amy Welborn was any more effective in describing what I think about the great Liturgy Wars, I would suspect her of being in my head. She makes a whole lot of sense (I’m paraphrasing here in my own words—read her post to see what she says):

  • The Tridentine Mass should be given a universal indult because it was never suppressed.
  • I have no real desire to make the Tridentine Mass part of my worship life. I am quite content to attend my Novus Ordo parish where I have to put up with banal music and—from certain priests, but not my pastor—banal homilies and the occasional liturgical wackiness.
  • I would like a whole lot more Latin in the Mass up to and including everything but the readings and homily, especially when non-English speakers and English speakers are praying together. (I would add that I’d also like the Roman Canon to be said more often than not; come on, how much more time does it take really?)
  • I’m sick of liturgists who think innovation and copying the secular culture (or worse, the secular culture of 1972) are signs of a healthy spirituality.
  • The post-Vatican II changes that put the priest and his personality at the center of attention has been disastrous, not the least to the priests themselves.
  • I’d like to replace 90 percent of hymns with simple chant.

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