Hillary Clinton, war hero

Hillary Clinton, war hero

An op-ed in today’s USA Today tries to help Hillary Clinton get around the unfortunate fact that she never had a chance to be an actual war hero since she never served in uniform. But no matter since, like good liberals, we can just re-define what “war hero” means. Words mean whatever we want them to.

Hillary Clinton might remind us that she was an early champion of health care reform and that she suffered attacks from all sides for it. Advisers may warn candidate Clinton to sidestep this chapter in her past. But if she were to forget this advice and follow the rules of mamisma [sic], she would promote the fact that surviving the onslaught is her war-hero record. McCain, too, fought in an unpopular and losing war.

Let me get this straight. John McCain was a fighter pilot who flew missions over Vietnam, had people shooting at him, was actually shot down, and then spent a decade in the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison where he was brutalized and tortured in ways that make Gitmo look like Aruba. And Hillary Clinton was criticized in public for her policy ideas.

Oh yeah, it’s exactly the same thing.

Go ahead, Hillary, try it. I dare you.

(Read the rest of the op-ed for the silly “mamisa” nonsense. So stupid it must have been thought up in some women’s studies department somewhere.)

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  • Why even get steamed about it?  USA Today is a rag suitable for wrapping fish or wiping one’s shoes.  It is a hopelessly gone over to the dark side and it’s writing is terrible. good riddance.  The rest of the Gannett papers are as bad if not worse.

  • Okay… Woman wants people to think that she’s just as tough as the men and can do anything they can. So she does this:

    Man: I was shot down, imprisoned, and tortured.

    Woman: *sniff* I got my feelings hurt when people didn’t like my Great Idea.

    Does anyone else notice the logical inconsistency?