He never danced anyway

He never danced anyway

For 45 years, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, has been bringing Christmas to the poor of New York City. But as the New York Times reports, this year is extra special for him.

Father Groeschel, an author of religious books and a fixture on the Roman Catholic EWTN television network, was crossing a street in Orlando, Fla., on Jan. 11, 2004, when he was hit by a car. He was near death three times in the next month, particularly on the night of the accident when he had no blood pressure, heartbeat or pulse for about 20 minutes. A few days later, he almost died from toxins that were overloading his system, then later from heart failure while on a respirator.

The accident left him without much use of his right arm and trouble walking, but he recovered to a degree almost no one expected.

“They said I would never live. I lived,” he said. “They said I would never think. I think. They said I would never walk. I walked. They said I would never dance, but I never danced anyway.”

You gotta love, Fr. Groeschel. Merry Christmas, Father.

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  • I went to hear a talk Fr. Benedict gave at a theology on tap last month here in New York City. The topic was on new psychology. I had met him before the accident, and this was my first time seeing him since it, although I’d seen him on tv. Yes, he was walking a little bit more gingerly, and his voice seems a little weaker. But considering his age, I would say that all his physical ailments seem quite normal. However when you factor in the major trauma caused by the accident, one can only marvel at the unbelievable, almost miraculous recovery that he has had.