Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m a little late on this, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit and type. My father’s day (my second and getting better every year!) started at 4:45 am with Bella waking and screaming. Over the past three days, her schedule’s been completely disrupted and she hasn’t been getting her regular naps and now we’re paying for it.

Melanie got the baby and nursed her in bed for a while, then handed her off to me. We went out into the living room and watched some Alton Brown on the Tivo. (Bella loves AB.) Eventually, we got in gear, Melanie fed her breakfast, I got dressed, and we went to Mass, which was nice except Bella needed to be taken out twice. She never needs to go out twice.

After Mass, back home via the store to pick up breakfast items. Bella went to nap while I made breakfast for me and Melanie. Then it was back to the old place to continue cleaning up.

The problem with apartments that have rotating casts of roommates is that they all leave stuff behind. Melanie lived in that apartment for seven years and when she moved in there were already roommates there. When we were married, the other roomies moved out and I moved in. And, oh, the junk they left behind. Boxes and bags and barrels of junk. That took two trips at the end of which I was drooping in the heat. Yes, we got a heat wave in Peabody today, with a high of 88 degrees.

Now we’re sitting amidst piles of boxes, slowly making our way through them. It will be days before they’re all out of the way.

One very nice part of today was a visit from my sister Evelyn and her family. Seems we’ve become very popular among my nieces and nephews now that they know we live next to an ice cream shop. Of course, Uncle D has to be very good and resist temptation himself. Mmmm, ice cream.

So now, I’m going to sign off and get myself ready for my first day of work tomorrow. I’m very excited, although all this moving has distracted me from it somewhat. I think I’ll make it an early night tonight though. I have a previously scheduled appointment at 7:20 am before starting my work day. Erg!

Anyway, i hope all the rest of you dads had a great father’s day, watching the ball game or race or golf tournament, grilling some meat, and most of all having fun with your family. After all, it’s the family that defines the fatherhood.

And before I sign off, Happy Father’s Day to all you priests out there as well. You are our spiritual fathers and no less fathers for it. Thank you for all you do.