“Handmotions in Heaven”

“Handmotions in Heaven”

You'll completely understand this if you've been to any Life Teen Masses or youth conferences or other American Catholic youth ministry events in the past decade or so. My friend Bob Rice is one half of this duo (the bearded one) and he's always been a great comedic and musical talent, but, Bob, you've outdone yourself this time.

Thanks to Fr. Stephanos for the link.

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  • Thanks for a much-needed guffaw! I lost it when they “threw up” their hands! Ooooh boy, if we couldn’t laugh at ourselves, where would we be?
    Youth ministers and catechists everywhere should be treated to this! (I’ll do my best to pass it on to those I know.)

  • Catholicism is a very tactile faith and that can be good or it can be bad, I guess. 

    Ghosts of liturgists, charismatics and youth group leaders passed before my eyes as I laughed.  Catharsis, I think that’s called, if you want to be highbrow about it.

    Very funny!

  • Wow! That brought back some truly wonderful memories…Those youth conferences at Steubenville (and Bob Rice) are the reason I am Catholic now. Oddly enough, I’m also mostly into Latin…got married in a Tridentine mass…