Hamsters on Your iPhone

Hamsters on Your iPhone

Back in 2006 I linked to Flight Of The Hamsters, an addictive Flash-based online game. The object is to launch some intrepid flying hamsters into the air and use a variety of tricks to glide them as far as possible. It’s silly but an enjoyable distraction when you have some time to kill, especially with the included soundtrack from “Flight of the Valkyries.”

Now when you have time to kill and you’re away from your desk, you can keep playing Flight of the Hamsters, at least if you have an iPhone and 99 cents. Apart from a modification of the method for launching the rodents to compensate for the different controls of the iPhone, the game is just like its online version with all the same graphics, the same power-ups, and the same stirring soundtrack and sound effects. It’s also just as addicting.

Have fun.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli