Goring someone else’s ox

Goring someone else’s ox

So, according to the liberal media and various left-wing and Catholic-hostile punditry, if the Pope is supposed to excommunicate (or keep excommunicated) public figures who hold views that are antithetical to the Catholic faith (i.e. anti-Semitism), would those same journalists and pundits be consistent with others who hold views that are antithetical to the Catholic faith?

Like pro-abortion politicians?

Yeah, didn’t think so.


  • Libby makes an excellent point
    Rev Williamson’s views are horrible and simply wrong…I would like to hear from SPPX how this person managed to rise so high in their organisation holiding such views not only on the Jews, but women and THE CHURCH we love. We can only pray that he either makes a public apolgy for HIS VIEWS or that he refuses to join us. This has nothing to do with left or right within the Church, we need to unite to condemn outright any form of hatred or else how can we call ourselves Christian?