GOP presidential straw poll

GOP presidential straw poll

Republican bloggers are conducting a series of straw polls on various blogs for the presidential primaries. I think more Catholics should be represented, as I haven’t seen this on any of the St. Blog’s sites I visit. (I apologize if you’re a Catholic blogger and I just gave evidence I don’t visit your site; it’s just that there are so many and only so much time in the day.) The reason I don’t think many Catholic political conservatives are represented is the strong showing of Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney versus the poor showing of Sam Brownback. Now you don’t have to prefer Brownback as your first choice, but he should at least be acceptable as compared to pro-abortion Giuliani and flip-flopping Romney. (I suppose some Catholics may prefer a Democrat, but I can’t think of which would be even an acceptable choice given that they are all pro-abortion.)

Anyway, be sure to check off who is acceptable and unacceptable and then among your acceptable candidates, which is your first choice.

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  • I have never heard of half these people. At this point I’m leaning towards Sam Brownback, since he’s the only one I know who’s pro-life.

    I am going to be very put out if there are no pro-life candidates on the ballot next fall. No way am I abstaining the first time I’m of legal age.

  • Liam,

    I think you can assume Brownback is prolife in every way that matters: abortion, death penalty, tourture, war, etc.

    One of the things that impressed me about Brownback was that immediately after he entered the Church he tried to modify his possition on the Death Penalty to the Church’s.  Despite the fact that the Church’s practical application of the pro-life principle as regards the death penalty is academically questionable, in my opinion, in light of the Tradition on this subject. This type of religious respect and submission of the will shows a great humility, which would serve a US president well. 

    One of my main problems with Bush, since the beginning, is that while I do believe that he does what he thinks is right, he has no rock to base his opinions/judgements on.  All though laudable, there is a certain danger in looking only to yourself and your interpretation of faith for what is right without reference to a higher authority. You think this is why Jesus created the Church?

  • Well, I would hope Brownback would unequivocally condemn torture and the approach of this admnistration regard so-called “coercive interrogation”, preemptive war et cet.