Good judicial news

Good judicial news

Here’s one tidbit of good news in Massachusetts government. The Governor’s Council has confirmed as a new district court judge my friend David Cunis. Here’s the story.

David is as fine a person as you could hope to meet, ethical, passionate about justice, and most importantly a devout and orthodox Catholic. This is about the most exciting development in Massachusetts’ government I’ve seen in a while. We can hope that this is just the beginning of his judicial career and that he is destined for more influential judgeships. The only way we’re going to fix the mess we’re in and prevent further slides is to fix the judiciary.

Coincidentally, my brother John testified on Dave’s behalf before the council, in addition to his former boss, the new attorney general Martha Coakley, as well as fellow prosecutors in the Middlesex District Attorney’s office. Dave has been a prosecutor for a long time, putting criminals away and making sure they stay there. I know he’s worked on some high-profile cases and based on what I’ve heard he’s not just a good Catholic, he’s a good lawyer too.

Congratulations Dave!

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Domenico Bettinelli