Fr. Philip’s back

Fr. Philip’s back

No, not his back. Fr. Philip Powell, OP, is back, as in podcasting again after an unanticipated interruption due to an onset of confusing technology:

OK…either I got smarter over the summer or Pod-O-Matic dummied down their interface. Regardless, I’m podcasting again. The two most recent are a little rough b/c I’m out of practice and b/c I’m having trouble with two of my crowns (slurry speech). Anyway, good to be back in the 21st century again.

You may now resume receiving awesome and inspiring homilies to listen to on your computer or iPod (or whatever inferior MP3 player you’ve chosen to waste your hard-earned money on and isn’t such waste a sin?) Carry on.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli