Feet of clay are too common these days

Feet of clay are too common these days

We shouldn’t forget that the problem of men (usually) in a position of authority misusing their position for personal sexual gratification is certainly not limited to the Church. According to the military issues-focused Strategy Page, the US Armed Forces are suffering from a similar problem:

In the last few years, there has been a sharp increase in navy commanders being relieved. It’s been running at over ten a year, up from 6-8 in the late 1990s, and a bit less than that in the 1980s. Only a small percentage of reliefs have to do with professional failings (a collision or serious accident, failing a major inspection or just continued poor performance.) Most reliefs were, and still are, for adultery, drunkenness or theft. With more women aboard warships, there have been more reliefs for, as sailors like to put it, “zipper failure.” There may have been more than are indicated, as sexual misconduct is often difficult to prove, and a commander who is having zipper control problems often has other shortcomings as well. Senior commanders traditionally act prudently and relieve a commander who demonstrates a pattern of minor problems and who they now “lack confidence in.”

Link via Neptunus Lex who adds an anecdote of an admiral warning new commanding officers not to lose their perspective upon gaining the “scrambled eggs” on the bills of their hats.

Every person in authority—whether politician, priest, or general—should upon attaining that position be given a plaque bearing the verses from Daniel 2 about Nebuchednezzar’s dream of the statue made of gold, silver, and iron, but whose feet were made of clay. That plaque should hang in their bathroom next to the mirror where they will see it every day and be reminded.

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