Feast of St. Dominic

Feast of St. Dominic

Today is the feast day of St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order, and while my name bears a superficial resemblance to his, he’s not technically my patron saint, although I still love him as I do his fellow mendicant, St. Francis. (My patron saint is actually San Domenico of Augusta, my paternal grandparents’ hometown in Sicily.)

But today is special because my friend and former college roommate, Fr. Kevin Gillen, is preparing to make his Simple Profession into the Dominican order a week from today on the Feast of the Assumption in Cincinnati. He’s taking the unusual step of switching religious orders, but he has felt a strong call to be a Dominican. Good for him.

Update: You learn something new every day. San Domenico di Augusta is St. Dominic of the Dominican order. He appeared on horseback with flaming sword to repel a Turkish invasion. Cool.

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