Drastic spam reduction

Drastic spam reduction

I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but over the past week I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of spam I’m getting. Usually I get dozens and dozens of spam messages per day, most of it caught in varying levels of spam protection, starting with SpamFoundry on my ISP’s servers, which quarantines suspect email and sends me a daily digest to review, followed by SpamSieve on my Mac, which filters nearly all the rest into a spam folder in Apple Mail based on an algorithm related to my mail habits. A few will leak through those two levels, but I can usually gin up a mail rule in my software to deal with them.

But without me making any changes it looks like the amount of spam entering the system all together has dropped. Instead of dozens of messages caught in the SpamFoundry quarantine, now I only get 10 at the most. Again, I’m not ungrateful, just curious. After all, with my email address being more than 10 years old and posted all over the Net, it is ripe for spammer harvesting. Maybe they just got tired? Right.

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