Democrats’ first priority: Gut the First Amendment

Democrats’ first priority: Gut the First Amendment

Last week, I mentioned that a proposed Senate bill is trying to impose onerous burdens on grassroots activist groups that would curtail our right to free political speech.

Apparently, the House version of the bill would impose even heavier burden on churches.

Under the House version of the Bill, a church or organization would be considered a “grassroots lobbying firm” subject to this law if the group attempted to influence the general public to voluntarily contact federal officials in order to express their own views on a federal issue. Furthermore, many large churches and ministries utilize mass media to communicate their message. Under this House Bill by Nancy Pelosi, these communications, as long as they are directed to at least one person who is not a member of the church, would fall under this new Bill. Finally, if the church spends an aggregate of only $50,000 or more for such efforts in a quarterly period, they are now required to register as lobbyists. Many ministries spend $50,000 or more a month for air time.

Churches, especially churches that promote the sanctity of life and of the family, are a real thorn in the side to liberals because they have a nasty habit of informing their constituents of their attempts to undermine those traditional values through legislation. Rather than counter with open political debate and discourse, the liberals want to use the strong-arm of the law and burdensome regulation to shut down political speech. So much for the First Amendment.

In their view, religion should be confined to an hour on Sundays and the privacy of your home and should have no effect on anyone outside of that little box. Like Victorian-era children, religious believers—traditional religious believers—should be seen, but not heard. Meanwhile, Democrats still flock to the pulpits of churches that welcome their liberal policies and social re-engineering under the guise of Christian social teaching. Wonder how evenly these regulations will be enforced.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli