Colorado Springs, Kansas City dioceses also address porn problem

Colorado Springs, Kansas City dioceses also address porn problem

It’s not just the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, that is launching a new campaign against the evils of pornography. The Diocese of Colorado Springs used its diocesan newspaper, the Colorado Catholic Herald to distribute a special section on pornography. And I’ve also heard that the Diocese of Kansas City is preparing a parish-based program to be used throughout the diocese addressing this plague. Good to see that more and more bishops and dioceses are taking this seriously.

The Colorado Springs effort has received constructive criticism that it needs to discuss the relationship between sin and addiction so people don’t get the wrong idea that indulging an addiction is not sinful. A group has also been created in the diocese, called James 5, to help those struggling with an addiction to it and they have received Bishop Michael Sheridan’s support, in the form of a letter to every priest endorsing it.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but plan to do so.

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  • Dom, a friend of mine work on the “Peace through Purity” initiative in Kansas City.  She did research on pornography and its effects.  I don’t know what came of her efforts, but certainly something is in theoworks there.