Catching up

Catching up

I’m know I’ve been scarce today. I’m working on a big consulting project right now (I’m taking such things to cover the gap while looking for something more permanent) and I had a lot of work on it come to a head today. I have a large backlog of stuff I want to blog though and will try to catch up, maybe not all today but over the couple of days.

Unfortunately I have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow to fill a cavity (Yay! Dental work!) and then I have to drive Melanie and Isabella to the airport tomorrow afternoon. They’re heading to Houston for a friend’s wedding this weekend. Melanie is a bit stressed at the idea of flying alone with the baby. I wish I could go with them, but being out of work it didn’t make sense to buy me a ticket and her friends chipped in to pay for hers.

The baby has had a hard time sleeping lately. Some nights she’s up every hour or two and when she’s not up, she’s sleeping next to Melanie, kicking and thrashing. Poor Melanie can’t get a good night’s sleep. So when the baby woke up at 10 last night, I took her into the other room, kicked back in the easy chair, finally got her to sleep on my chest and put her back in the crib around 12:30. She slept until 5 am and Melanie got a solid 7 hours. Who knew that 7 uninterrupted hours would be so precious?

So while I will have the bed to myself and no one waking me up squawking and wanting her diaper changed, it will also be too quiet and a bit lonely to be without the two most important women in my life. At least I have a friend’s wedding on Saturday (yet another one!) and a family party on Sunday to keep me occupied.

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