Brit Catholic liberals worries misplaced

Brit Catholic liberals worries misplaced

It’s five years after a devastating attack on America by radical Muslim jihadists, and everyone’s doing a retrospective. So what does Britain’s liberal Catholic newspaper focus on? The Tablet asks why liberal American is silent as Muslims suffer discrimination and backlash. Give me a break. Is that the worst problem we have? I want to know why Muslim Americans have been virtually silent about the work of their co-religionists? I also want to see evidence of this supposed backlash. There’s no denying there have been individual incidents of discrimination, but oversensitive carping of the Council on American-Islamic Relations aside, there has been no great backlash. In fact, I think most Americans have gone out of their way not to blame all Muslims for the attacks. Certainly it’s very different from reactions against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.

Typical liberal reaction.

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Domenico Bettinelli