Bleeding population and they just don’t get it

Bleeding population and they just don’t get it

This is why Massachusetts will continue to bleed population even as it becomes more and more liberal. For all that the politicians, including uber-liberal gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick, talk about stemming the tide of the population drain—Mass. is the only state to have decreased in population two years in a row—and curbing the skyrocketing cost of living, they just don’t get it.

(N.B. When I say liberal here, I don’t just mean Democrat. The Republicans in this state are often just as liberal.)

What is their prescription? They want to pay cities and towns to create “affordable” housing. There are already two laws on the books for this. One would pay them $1,000 per unit of housing in specially zoned districts. The second would pay the towns out of state coffers to offset the increased cost of government services like education, policing, and so on.

Where do they think this money comes from? The problem is that people can’t afford to live in Massachusetts. So in order to solve the problem they’re going to take even more money out of our pockets, throwing good money after bad instead of cutting the incredible amounts of waste and corruption. We spent billions on the Big Dig. Millions on the incredibly corrupt Turnpike Authority. I won’t bother continuing the list because it would take an encyclopedia to catalog the wasted money going to politicians, their families, and their cronies. And on top of that they want to subsidize “affordable” housing.

Who qualifies for affordable housing?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli