Bishop revamps religious ed for orthodoxy

Bishop revamps religious ed for orthodoxy

Bishop William Murphy is revamping religious education in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY, and that has Voice of the Faithful worried. If I read nothing else in the article, that leads me to believe he’s on to something good.

Rockville Centre Bishop William Murphy announced a major shakeup of religious education yesterday that reconfigures the program that produced a generation of lay Catholic leaders, as well as many members of Voice of the Faithful, an activist group that has demanded the bishop’s resignation.

You will know them by their fruits. The previous model of religious education produced bad fruit—lots of it—so it’s time to cut down the tree and plant a new one.

But critics said they feared the changes - coming two weeks after he named a new seminary rector known for strict orthodoxy - signal a retreat from what they describe as the progressive, post-Vatican II model that had flourished under the late Bishop John McGann, to a more top-down setup.

The mandatory “Knowledge of Vatican II” exam

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