Bath time fun

Bath time fun

One of the perks of being a dad is being able to act silly with your kids in ways that would never be acceptable around other adults.

Last night, I was giving Isabella her bath and we were playing peekaboo with the sea lion bath toy. It kept popping up at random from underneath the bubbles to squeals of delight. Eventually she grabbed hold and started making grunts approximating the barks of a seal (I taught her that). When I joined in, she playfully stuck the sea lion in my mouth.

Naturally, I blew it out of my mouth across the tub. You can imagine that this was greeted with much laughter and clapping and I was forced to repeat the performance over and over. After a time, I decided to up the ante and aimed for the plastic bowl we use to pour water over her. Two points!

Melanie just shook her head at our antics and bemoaned the lessons I’m teaching our daughter. I say there’s plenty of time for propriety and decorum when she’s older. For now, it’s time for silly, obnoxious fun.

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  • You said it, Dom!  If you can’t have fun with them while they’re young, you’re not likely to have fun with them when they’re older.  There is nothing so infectious as the gleeful laughter of a young child.