Are Tridentine rite sacraments valid?

Are Tridentine rite sacraments valid?

AMDG mentions a Buffalo group that wants to take a closed parish and re-open it as a Tridentine rite parish in communion with the diocese. They highlight a bizarre statement from a USCCBureaucracy official, Msgr. Anthony F. Sherman, associate director of the Secretariat for the Liturgy, that makes you wonder if he knows his own job:

A separate congregation presumably would offer baptisms, first Holy Communion and marriage, among other sacraments. But the highest levels of the Vatican bureaucracy have yet to spell out clearly whether sacraments conducted in the old form are valid.

“That’s somewhat of a hazy issue right now,” said Sherman.

No it isn’t. The Ecclesia Dei indult clearly said that celebration of the sacraments according to the old rite are valid. Otherwise all the people attending indult Masses throughout the country and the world are in big trouble. There are Latin Mass parishes all over the country. This isn’t some kind of innovation.

Is Msgr. Sherman being accurately quoted? If so, what’s his agenda?

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Domenico Bettinelli