Archbishop Burke in Detroit

Archbishop Burke in Detroit

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke visited Detroit’s famed Assumption Grotto recently and Te Deum has photos of the event. The archbishop was in town to commemorate the late Fr. John Hardon, S.J., and to promote the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in his former diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Te Deum has several posts of very nice photos of the Mass which is celebrated in Latin with all of pomp and circumstance.

There will be a series of photo posts throughout the week, but they will all be linked from the bottom of the post I sent you to in the first sentence up there.

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  • Thanks, Dom.

    When I get to the photo post covering the lunch, I will discuss the Shrine which Archbishop Burke spoke of with such passion.  He showed us a very moving video which will hopefully be sent to me for uploading.  I proposed we get it onto where it will take on a life of its own.  This shrine, which many no nothing about will is just the kind of thing we need here in the US. 

    We need to help Archbishop Burke get the message out there as they are in dire need of funding.  They are waiting to execute the next phase, but funding has fallen short. 

    God Bless all who visit my blog in the coming days to learn more.