April Fools protest (works as a verb and a noun)

April Fools protest (works as a verb and a noun)

I caption this photo: “Give me a job.” A group of layabouts chained themselves to a Bank of America branch in Boston today, in what they ironically described as an “April Fool” protest. Talk about truth in advertising.


They were protesting the bank’s investment in coal-powered electricity-generating plants. I suppose once Mummy and Daddy make bail for them out of the gardener’s begonia fund, they’ll head home to their apartments, turn on their electric-powered lights, grab a nice cool beverage out of the electric-powered fridge, and plop down in front of the electric-powered TV to watch themselves on the 11 o’clock news.

However, Melanie points out that I may be too harsh. She says they may not be hypocrites, but could be squatting in abandoned warehouses, living off the grid and fighting rats for scraps out of Dumpsters. We can only hope.

The ridiculousness of their position is that they offer no workable alternatives. You can’t build windmills, you can’t build nuclear power plants, you can’t build coal- or oil-fired plants. For groups like this, the solution is de-population, of course. Get rid of all those inconvenient people—besides wonderful me—and there’ll be plenty of resources to go around
for the privileged few who remain and nary a concern for the environment. Right.

[Photo credit: George Rizer/Globe Staff. Used without permission but for purposes of mockery and parody on April Fool Day and that makes it all better, right?]


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