And baby makes … four?

And baby makes … four?

CourageMan reports on a case in Canada in which a gay man and two lesbians want a judge to declare all three of them parents of a little boy. The man and one of the women are the biological parents of the child and their second woman is the “partner” (or whatever you care to call the relationship) of the mother.

This isn’t a call for gay marriage—they already have that in Canada—but for a complete deconstruction of the meaning of family. Oh, but didn’t gay marriage advocates assure us that creating the fiction of same-sex marriage wouldn’t lead to the undermining of traditional marriage and family? All that “slippery slope” talk was just scare tactics by all those homophobes, right? CourageMan quotes the linked story:

The family has evolved over the years in a way that the law should recognize the reality of this little boy,” the father’s lawyer, Alfred Mamo, told the [Toronto] Globe and Mail. “His reality being that he’s got two mothers and a father with whom he thrives. They all want this for their son.”

Then he adds:

But “more” isn’t “better” in the matter of parents. In fact, like with cancer cells, exactly the contrary. Parental love is jealous and depends on a love of what is really, truly one’s own (in Plato’s Republic, Socrates knows that the City in Speech has to keep mothers from knowing who their children are, lest they favor them). Once motherhood is decoupled in principle from the physical acts of conception and the nine months of carrying to term—“the biological bits,” the lover’s lawyer played them down as, saving his strength for the red-letter word “discriminatory”—it becomes a property contract like any other. Just as fatherhood, inherently a less-exhausting enterprise, has been decoupled from love and marriage—with predictable results.

Of course, we already have families with three, four, or more parents, albeit not necessarily homosexual or lesbians, all brought to you courtesy of no-fault divorce and an “enlightened” attitude. How is that all working out?

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  • Yawn, old news…

    And baby makes five

    In her late twenties, Beth decided she was ready to have kids. She met Phillip Hernandez and discovered that he and his partner, James Slayton, longed to have children, too. They joked about doing it together, and one day the conversation turned serious. The three drew up a formal agreement that was not legally binding but would serve as a framework for this family for the next 18-plus years. They now have two sons, 3 1/2-year-old Zander and 17-month-old Nicholas, and another son on the way. The boys are each biologically related to one of their dads, but Beth thinks the distinction isn’t important and balks when people ask her to clarify.

    Swell, isn’t it?