An Inconvenient Truth, the Opera

An Inconvenient Truth, the Opera

Trousered Ape offers an hilarious and spot-on parody of Al Gore and the “climate change as fundamentalist religion” movement in his satirical opera “An Inconvenient Tragedy”. It features such characters as “Algor, an ambitious Spirit” and “Khi-oto, an Oriental sorcerer, servant to Algor” and “Oscar, a Golem”.

Helios: And now for you, false lying tricksters both,
Who prey on credulous simplicity:
I shall make plain to these good people here
That warm and cool belong of right to me.
Heat and humidity pervade the air
When I put forth my power day to day,
But chill winds, bitter frost, and snow abound
When I do dim myself and turn away.
You two are guilty of the grossest frauds,
Your vaunted cantrips naught but useless gauds!

Algor:  If this is true, our racket’s through.
Oh, this is very inconvenient.



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  • Too hilarious!  Thanks for the belly laugh – I only hope I didn’t create too much carbon dioxide when I did so!