An “inclusive” Mass at San Jose State

An “inclusive” Mass at San Jose State

They’re having Masses on the campus of San Jose State University. But despite appearances, they’re not really Catholic Masses.

A female priest and married male priest presided over a Catholic mass in the Spartan Memorial Chapel Sunday. The purpose of the gathering was to create awareness of a renewed Catholic community that is inclusive to people from all faiths regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

“The goals of our New Catholic Community are to reverence persons who seek authenticity and inclusion in the worship ceremony, who have experienced divorce and remarriage, who are diverse in sexual orientation, who seek progressive exploration of ideas, who want imagination and daring, who are concerned deeply about God’s creation and how to preserve it and who seek personal and spiritual integrity,” said San Jose State University Professor and female priest Victoria Rue.

Rue claims that they’re not starting a new church: “We are Roman Catholic.” That’s not for you to decide. The very nature of the Catholic Church is such that individuals don’t get to decide what being Catholic means. The Church is a top-down organization starting with the Revelation of the Deposit of Faith by the Trinity. Our personal impulses and thoughts are the very bottom rung of the ladder.

Although she is a professor of religion, Rue seems to be clueless: She claims that female deacons, priests, and bishops were common before the 12th century (what is it with people saying that century was a turning point? I hear that for married priests too). She also claims that the female “bishop” who ordained her was herself validly ordained and thus even though she’s in violation of canon law, she is a valid priest, but only illicit. Um no. See, that female “bishop” is not validly ordained since it is not just canon law that says women can’t be ordained, but infallibly defined dogma.

I’m curious what the local diocese or the Catholic campus ministry has to say about this or what they’re doing to respond to this heresy and faleshood? Anyone want to ask them?

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