An arrogant and out-of-control legislature

An arrogant and out-of-control legislature

Sharilee at the Worcester County Republicans blog writes about the arrogance of the Massachusetts Legislature as it thumbed its nose at the concept of the democratic republican form of government during last week’s Constitutional Convention and (non)debate over the protection of marriage amendment.

Here’s the interesting part, the vote to adjourn to November was quite close: 100 to 91. If they had actually taken up Amendment #20, the voter petition on defining marriage as between one man and one woman, we easily would have won. And it appears that the majority party leaders were painfully aware of this as they did everything they could to drag things out. Rep. George Peterson (Grafton) did his best to try to keep things moving in a fairly timely manner by requesting a recess only until next Monday. But it didn’t fly. Thanks for trying, George.

So now we’ve got a chance to unseat the obstructionists. Find a marriage amendment supporter (amendment #20, not the fake #19 that Sen Brian Lees and his cohort came up with to confuse the issue), and support their run for office as loudly as you can. Give money, give time, write your current legislators and tell them if they’re not on board, then you’re supporting their opponent.

We have a chance to change the core of our legislature this fall. All we need is to win 10 races and they dynamics will change.

I wish I could be optimistic and think that pro-marriage conservatives could win 10 races this year, but I think we’re well on the way to becoming a one-party state in Massachusetts. I think things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better, because it’s going to require the average Joe to start experiencing the pain and discomfort himself before he’ll realize he needs to change his behavior.

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