Amnesty wasn’t pro-abortion?

Amnesty wasn’t pro-abortion?

There’s been lots of talk recently in the Catholic news and on blogs that Amnesty International has moved from a neutral stance on abortion to a pro-abortion stance. That’s resulted in lots of Catholic organizations and bishops denouncing the group and pledging to stop their cooperation.

My response? Frankly, I was surprised they weren’t officially pro-abortion before. I mean they were effectively so before without having been explicitly so.

Amnesty is the leftiest of the lefty non-governmental agencies and despite their work on behalf of the oppressed, they’ve been reliably liberal in all things and if there’s one truth about liberals, it’s that eventually it all comes down to abortion and, like the second shoe dropping, disdain for the Church.

Why is anybody surprised?

  • I agree with you about the leadership of Amnesty being primarily “the liberal crowd,” but when it comes to policy and targets, it hasn’t been until the last few years that they’ve made such strange bedfellows and thoroughly complicated their mission, much to the disadvantage of the real need out there to defend fundamental human rights.

  • I suppose you think the Catholic Worker movement is secretly pro-abortion? Your logic is seriously flawed.

  • Peadar is correct. There are lefty pro-lifers; in fact, it is the courage of their liberal convictions about human dignity that leads them to be deeply rooted in a pro-life perspective. (Just like there are conservatives whose utilitarian principles lead them to a pro-choice perspective.)