About advertising (updated)

About advertising (updated)

I have mentioned this before, but I guess I need to say it again today. If you see an inappropriate advertisement and you wish to alert me to that fact, please don’t post a comment about it in an unrelated blog post.

Instead please email me using one of the numerous links on every page, and include in the email the web address of the offensive ad, that is the http://www.whatever.com of the site the ad links to. This is the only way I can tell the ad network to stop showing it.

Three people have mentioned to me today that they see an ad for a “pornogrpahic” dating service, but give me no further information. Where on the page did you see the ad: on the left side of the page, under the first blog entry, on the commenting page? What was the ad service?

I haven’t seen the ad and I’m on the site all day long, obviously. It is possible that some of you are infected with adware. I’m not saying it’s likely but uuntil I see the ad or know where it’s coming from, it’s a possibility. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Dealing with these issues is not what I want to spend my time doing, but that’s the price of making the blog pay for itself and my time I guess.

Update: OK, I think I’ve blocked the questionable and inappropriate ads. Thank you to all who emailed me with the links. If you see any more, please email me and let me know.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli