Abortifacient contraception - UPDATED

Abortifacient contraception - UPDATED

Updated: My mistake. Melanie originally found this video and she told me that some of the source material comes from a Protestant site, but I thought she meant the video was made by the same people. As the creator of the video points out in the comments below, he is very much a Catholic. Mea culpa.

An interesting video on the abortifacient nature of the birth control pill. What makes it especially interesting is that is produced by a Protestant group. It’s fairly common among Protestants to have no moral problem with artificial contraception, so the basis for the opposition to the Pill is not that contracepted sex between spouses is immoral in and of itself, but that the current Pill can cause abortion. Hypothetically, if a “perfect” pill that had no abortifacient side-effects were found tomorrow, I think the objections would evaporate.

So while it’s good to use the abortifacient nature of the Pill in convincing someone to give it up, it’s not the fundamental reason why it’s bad for someone. Any artificial contraception—even if it were 100 percent perfect at preventing conception and had no physical side-effects whatsoever—it would still be wrong and morally deadly.

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  • Yeah, I’m the guy who produced this video. It’s hilarious that you think I am a Protestant. Man, I’m a Catholic. Any of my friends who’d read that I was a Protestant would be cracking up. God Bless, Rich