A Son returns to his Father

A Son returns to his Father

Longtime blogger Fr. Todd Reitmeyer, who has been blogging since he was a seminarian, died tragically while vacationing with family in Austin, Texas, this week. A final post has been put up by either family or a friend. You’re invited to offer condolences or a remembrance in a sort of bloggers wake.

Fr. Todd Reitmeyer returned to his Father on May 24th at 12:30 PM in the year of our Lord, 2006.

His death occured as the result of a boating accident while Fr. Todd was vacationing in Austin, TX.

His family and friends request your prayers.

“We know that in everything God works for good for those who love Him.” -Romans 8:28

The Rosary will be at Santa Cruz Catholic Church in Buda, TX at 7:30 PM on Monday, May 29th, Msgr. Charles Elmer presiding.

The Funeral Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Robert Carlson at Santa Cruz Catholic Church at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 30th.

Fr. Todd’s Family welcomes any comments from those who have supported Fr. Todd in his ministry or have been a part of his blogging community. They’ll be reading the comments on the blog.