Thou Shalt Use Secure Passwords

Password security is a problem everywhere. We are constantly reading news stories about yet another breach of a computer system’s security, even among government agencies and businesses that tout their attention to privacy, and many of these security lapses are due to poor password management, meaning they use passwords that are too easily cracked. The […]

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selfie at St. Peter’s

Have selfies really killed photography?

Have selfies killed photography? At least one writer at Russia Today thinks it has, lamenting the rise of a digital narcissim. To me, this obsessive snapping of everything isn’t photography. It is mere visual capture; event-logging, and rarely more than that. No, we are not photographers. We are editors at best. As we swipe through […]

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Stack of newspapers

Evangelization by Press Release

When most people think of press releases, they generally don’t think evangelization. In fact, for those who tend to receive mailbox-clogging numbers of press releases, they are convinced they come from the other direction. But press releases can be a helpful tool for evangelization by parishes and other ministries. I’ve been on both sides of […]

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My father and me in Piazza Navona, Rome, in 1999.

What I learned about fatherhood from the fathers in my family

It’s Father’s Day and I’m in a reflective mood, thinking of all the dads I’ve known, especially those in my own family, who’ve taught me so much about being a father. I thought I’d share some of those reflections. First, there are my grandfathers, maternal and paternal. My mom’s father, Abraham Spiegel, died when my […]

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What is the Point of the Mass?

So many battles over the Catholic faith surrounding Mass, including how we celebrate Mass, who should go to Mass, what should happen at Mass, come about because we forget the purpose of Mass. The Mass isn’t about You. People say, “I don’t go to Mass because I don’t get anything out of it.” You’re not […]

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HowI Work

How I Work

Thomas McDonald has had his How I Pray series of blog posts in which he asks various people about their prayer life (including one of particular interest to me), modeled on Lifehacker’s How I Work series, in which people describe their work situations and tools and habits. Then, of course, Tom did a How I […]

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