Jesus Died. He Really Died.

Jesus died on Good Friday. No, duh, you reply. Every Christian knows that. But, I insist, He really died. This is the mystery of the God/Man, the divine united to the human. Jesus didn’t simulate death on the cross. He didn’t pretend to be dead. He wasn’t simply comatose or “mostly dead” and waiting for […]

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Texas judge sees “no legitimate reason” to uphold marriage

And so judicial fiat continues to overturn and overrule the will of the people as expressed through direct referendum and legislative action. A federal judge in Texas has struck down the state’s law that upheld the traditional definition of marriage. His reasoning was especially specious, as he claimed that “Texas’ current marriage laws deny homosexual […]

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Apple 30 years of Macintosh

My 30 years with Macintosh

Today is the 30th anniversary of Apple’s introduction of the Macintosh computer to the world and what an amazing 30 years of technology it’s been. It really was the computer that changed everything. Although it wan’t the first Apple computer to introduce the desktop metaphor (that was the Apple IIGS), the Macintosh made it mainstream […]

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