Your tax dollars at work

Your tax dollars at work

Mark Shea points to a news story today about US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who wants the Capitol Building cafeteria to rename Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast so that we can show the French we want to work together on Iraq.

Sheila Jackson Lee is the same congressdroid who, back when the first Mars rover landed on the red planet, asked NASA to send it over to where Neil Armstrong landed and planted the flag. On Mars?

And just last week she complained that hurricanes don’t have “black-sounding” names. What are those exactly? I watched Monday Night Football this week and carefully examined the names of the black players: Ray, Matthew, John. I think there should be more Italian names: Antonio, Mario, Guido.

Imagine if someone other than a “black leader” had suggested such a thing. The charge of racism would be screamed from the rooftops.

I don’t know which is stupider: Sheila Jackson Lee or the people in her district who vote for her.