Your tax dollars at work

Your tax dollars at work

Mark Shea points to a news story today about US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who wants the Capitol Building cafeteria to rename Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast so that we can show the French we want to work together on Iraq.

Sheila Jackson Lee is the same congressdroid who, back when the first Mars rover landed on the red planet, asked NASA to send it over to where Neil Armstrong landed and planted the flag. On Mars?

And just last week she complained that hurricanes don’t have “black-sounding” names. What are those exactly? I watched Monday Night Football this week and carefully examined the names of the black players: Ray, Matthew, John. I think there should be more Italian names: Antonio, Mario, Guido.

Imagine if someone other than a “black leader” had suggested such a thing. The charge of racism would be screamed from the rooftops.

I don’t know which is stupider: Sheila Jackson Lee or the people in her district who vote for her.

  • As usual, a liberal twists the truth to smear a conservative. Reagan did not think ketchup was a vegetable. The Department of Education, trying to determine the nutritional value of school lunches, classified ketchup as a vegetable for the purpose. It is made of tomatoes after all. Never the less, Reagan himself didn’t have anything to do with it, unlike Sheila and her pearls of wisdom.

    Cheap and transparent shot, Todd. I love how liberals love to trot out all the old canards (including ones two-decades old) and the canards don’t even apply.

  • Ah yes, the other refuge of the Left. When you’re losing an argument, accuse the other side of racism. Nice way to play to type, Toddy boy.

    Gene has the story garbled. From the Hill, a respected Capitol Hill newspaper:

    And idiocy seems to reside more often on the left. After all they are liberals.

    Quayle wasn’t an idiot. Most of the stuff attributed to him wasn’t even true. Look it up: [url=][/url]

  • Yes, there is, but I didn’t know the info was on the for-pay side. Here’s a better link:

    And the whole story anyway:

    Rep. Lee Asks About Flag Planted By Neil Armstrong…on Mars?

    Source: The Hill
    Headline: Jackson-Lee’s Planetary Gaffe
    Byline:  Compiled by Eamon Javers; Sandy Hume contributed to this page.
    Dateline: September 10, 1997

    It appears that someone needs to tell Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is only a book title, not a statement of fact.

    During a Science Committee trip to Pasadena, Calif., during the recess, Jackson-Lee reportedly asked an official at the Mars Pathfinder Mission Control Center whether humans could live on Mars. 

    That question may have been purely hypothetical, but it was merely a follow- up to another remarkable query from the congresswoman: Did the Pathfinder Mission succeed in taking pictures of the American flag planted by Astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969? Of course, Armstrong planted the flag on the Moon, not Mars.

    Jackson-Lee, whose Houston district neighbors the Johnson Space Center, sits on the Aeronautics and Space Subcommittee. Fellow committee member Rep. Vern Ehlers (R-Mich.), a former physics professor, didn’t consider the questions out of the ordinary.

    “If you ask the American people how long it takes the Earth to orbit the sun, 50 percent can’t tell you,” Ehlers said. “We just don’t teach enough science.”

    In defense of Jackson-Lee, Ehlers added, “If I were on a tour of a law school, I could ask an equally inane question about points of law.”

  • Oh come on, Todd. Don’t be a weasel.

    You accused me of racism for suggesting that Lee was stupid. I mentioned Lee’s hypocrisy for suggesting that the way hurricanes are named might be racist. I didn’t call someone a racist.

    You get caught crossing the line and then accuse other people of pushing you there. Grow up.

  • Weasel, Todd.

    I won’t admit it. For one thing, you don’t know that the civil service bureacrat who made the ketchup gaffe was a conservative. For another thing, conservatives may make mistakes, but you’d be hard pressed to find stupid conservative politicians at the same rate as you find stupid liberal ones.

    Keep weaseling Todd.

  • It wouldn’t create a single job because, while some government jobs might be created, it would cause the loss of private sector jobs because of the removal of capital from the economy. He was not wrong in any way.

    It’s funny how far afield you took this Todd. When you can’t defend the ground you’ve staked out, just find new ground to fight on.

    Keep weaseling.