You don’t see it at Columbus Day parades

You don’t see it at Columbus Day parades

My brother Bernie was in New York over the weekend with his wife. He said yesterday was Gay Pride Day and that he saw things on the street that you wouldn’t believe and that would turn your stomach it was so disgusting and perverted. You certainly won’t see it on the news or in the newspaper. They even had to leave St. Patrick’s cathedral by a side door because of what was going on out front.

You don’t see that stuff in Italian Pride parades or St. Patrick Day parades. If homosexuals want to convince the rest of us that they’re just normal people who aren’t just about sex and who should be treated the same as heterosexuals, they should try to act normal and not be defined by their sexual deviancy. Unfortunately, that seems to be impossible because they are defined by the deviancy and I think the worst traits of that come out because of it.

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  • Just like a walk around P-Town.  If a heterosexual couple were likewise engaged, a police officer would break it up.  However, heteroe’s are not organized, and don’t vote as a block, and cause politicians to quiver in their boots!

    It’s all about POWER!