You don’t need a crystal ball for this

You don’t need a crystal ball for this

What I said very early this morning on Archbishop O’Malley’s changes to closing orders:

It might, in fact, cause them to become even more entrenched and encourage others to begin because it looks like obstinance is being rewarded. That may not be what it is in reality, but you can be sure that the newspapers on Wednesday will portray it as such, especially when we see the quotes from Voice of the Faithful, the Council of Parishes, and whatever other pressure group wants to weigh in.

From today’s Boston Globe:

Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley, facing intense opposition in multiple communities to his efforts to close more than one-fifth of the parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, has decided to reverse his decisions to shutter parishes in West Newton and West Plymouth and has met privately with those leading round-the-clock occupations of closed churches in Sudbury and Weymouth.

... The Council of Parishes, a coalition of 15 parishes unhappy with the closings process, issued a statement last night welcoming O’Malley’s actions, which council cochairman Peter Borre called “belated recognition of the severely flawed way in which the reconfiguration process was managed during the first half of this year.”

It’s not exactly difficult predicting this stuff. You could almost write the stories before the news happens.

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Domenico Bettinelli