Woohoo! We’re Number 1 …. Oh, Least Religious

Woohoo! We’re Number 1 …. Oh, Least Religious

The latest Pew Research poll shows Massachusetts ties for last among the states for religiosity. Only 23% say they attend worship services weekly, which is better than the Archdiocese of Boston in which 13% of Catholics attend Mass on any given Sunday. We're also dead last in the percentage of people who believe in God with absolute certainty.

Last year, Vermont was the least religious, but this year two other New England states, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, beat it out, while Maine rounded out the top four. Connecticut was next, but Rhode Island, the fifth New England state, came in near the middle of the pack. I wonder what's different there.

I joked with Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington, Vermont, that the only thing that changed on the religious landscape in Vermont since the last poll was his tenure. Could that be why they're creeping back from the edge?