Why should we believe he’s not lying now?

Why should we believe he’s not lying now?

A former head of the Salesians in Australia said a convicted child abuser was not sent to Samoa to avoid further charges. Fr. John Murphy claims that sending Fr. Frank Klep to Samoa was “not an attempt to hide him” from police who were looking for him to charge him with new crimes.

However, Murphy does admit to lying on a declaration to the Samoans that Klep had not been convicted of any criminal charges. So he lied before, but he’s not lying now? And we should believe him why?

Murphy then says that Klep was sent to Samoa to keep him away from children. Did Murphy think there were no children in Samoa? Do they reproduce by division? What should have been done is that Klep should have been turned over to police, stripped of his ministry, and after doing his prison time, sent away to some Salesian monastery to live in seclusion, not allowed to continue to have exposure to children, who are, at the least, evidently a temptation, and at worse, potential new victims.

  • Many of the people in high places in our Church hierarchy care not one whit or jot for the welfare of children.  Murphy gives every appearance of being a big fat liar – like a lot of the other higher-ups – including a lot of bishops.

    Our children continue to be at great risk within our Church. 

    Murphy’s message:  I care more about protecting a child molestor than whether Samoan children get molested.

    Murphy got caught red-handed, when he thought he was safe.  He should resign.  Otherwise, he should be fired.

    There was NO justification for sending this messed up man to Samoa.

    This is just more evil.

    It needs to be excised – with a sharp and sure knife.

  • There is a significant Somoan community here in the LA area.  From the size of some of those guys, I sure wouldn’t want to get caught messing with one of there kids.  Perhaps this priest has the DMN to thank for an intact skin & no broken bones…

  • Yeah John Hearn –

    If a priest ever messes with one of my kids, they’ll have to scrape his bloody carcass off the ground…