Why do they hate us?

Why do they hate us?

For those in the comment box below who don’t seem to think that Muslim extremists want to take away your right to be a Christian (or whatever) and forcibly convert the world to their religion, I offer this reflection from Australian Andrew Bolt writing in the Herald Sun as recorded by the excellent site Dhimmi Watch:

It’s time we accepted the difficult truth: many of the Muslims we invite to live in Australia want to destroy us. For four years, since the September 11 attacks, I’ve begged our Islamic leaders to drive extremists from their mosques.

For four years I’ve also reassured you that most Muslims here are moderate. ... But was I just kidding myself? Isn’t it becoming terribly clear that Islam—at least the Islam of Australia’s Arab sheiks and imams—is hostile to our society?

Isn’t it now obvious we should never have let into our country those imams who now preach hate?

Isn’t the evidence that some cultures—Muslim Arab ones—pose more problems than their importation at this rate is worth? Isn’t multiculturalism making these problems worse?

Of course, such writings as this and the rest of the evidence as found on Dhimmi Watch and other sites like it won’t convince those writing in the comment box since they’ve evidently been pointed to the blog entry by somebody and they’re coming here for the sole purpose of defending Islamofascism against the charge of being anti-Christian.

Their logic-wanting responses will no doubt follow in the comments to this thread.

  • Dom,
    I browse through your site to read about wreckovations, the lavender mafia and other Catholic topics that interest you and me.
    YOU said Muslim extremists have been attacking and interfering with our right to worship God in the USA.
    You made an allegation. You illustrated it. You repeated it. You changed it slightly to say, well, they WANT to do what you previously said they were already doing. The only thing you haven’t yet done is support it. All your blustering and obfuscation doesn’t change one iota the irrefutable fact that you have not given one example to justify your charge. Not one.
    I’m embarrassed for you. Instead of owning up to making charges you can’t support, you say readers asking for evidence are “logic-wanting”. It’s sad, really, because your inability to back up your mindless blather is out there for all to see.

  • Dudley, I’m curious. At what point does a home invader become a threat to you? When he kicks in your door or when he shoots your wife? You act as if there isn’t an active global terrorist network because none of them have been given a Senate seat yet.

  • Dudley,

    Read my lips: Everything that al Quaeda does is about their belief that Islam should violently supercede all other religions. Thus they are led by imams, fatwas (religious edicts) are issued, religious reasons are given for their attacks. That you want evidence is incomprehensible because everything that’s ever been said by terrorists screams that religion is their motivation.

    I have given examples of how Muslims terrorists are threats to our way of life, but you refuse to accept them.

  • Dudley,

    Where did Dom say, “Muslim extremists have been attacking and interfering with our right to worship God in the USA?” 

    Quote from Dom taken from the previous thread – “Also notice that when our battle was against fascism, the people understood that one of the features of our republic that was most endangered was religious freedom. But should anyone ever point out that Islamofascism is an even greater danger to that freedom, and criticism from all sides, including the White House, would rain down upon them.”

    I think Dom’s quote and all the comments made so far recognize that the “our freedoms” being referred to are not American but Christian.  There have been thousands of Christians killed just because they are that all around the world in the name of Islam.  When they kill one brother in Christ they are killing us, they are limiting our freedoms maybe not here not on these shores yet but they are doing it today.  There is a reference by Dom that Islamofascism is a danger to the freedom our replublic offers but that is obvious.  There is a danger.  It is sad when we think that just because it isn’t happening in the U.S. it isn’t happening to us.  I am first a Roman Catholic and then a citizen of the US so maybe my us is just a little bit bigger than your us.

  •   Islam preaches hate. They would kill another muslim if that muslim tried to convert to Chritianity. I remember reading about a man in Egypt that was put in an institution by his parents until he reverted back to Islam from Christianity. At the time he was there for over two months. I do not know of any follow up.