Why Boston sports teams are like guys in relationships

Why Boston sports teams are like guys in relationships

I found this on ESPN’s web site in the New York Jets discussion forum, of all places. (Slightly edited for content)

Boston sports teams are like men in relationships:

The Patriots are like the new boyfriend that you really like—he’s awesome but almost too good to be true, so you worry.

The Bruins are like the guy that you just casually dated and you don’t really care about him, he’s just someone to hang out with.

The Celtics are like the marriage that was great at one time but has lost its spark and you always kinda look back and think about how great it was.

And the Sox are the hard-core abusive husband who just absolutely beats the crap out of you, but day after day you always go back to him cause you always believe that tomorrow will be different and you just love him too much.

Winning by the skin of their teeth in the 12th inning, at 1:30 am, avoiding elimination for one more day. They’re killing me.

All I can say is thank God for the Patriots.