Who needs Hollywood?

Who needs Hollywood?

No offense to the well-intentioned person who sent it to me, but I just don’t understand all the effort in trying to make sure that “The Passion of the Christ” wins a Golden Globe or People’s Choice or Oscar or some other award. Who cares what Hollywood thinks? In fact, we already know what they think; they hated it. In fact, they hate everything that smacks of God-fearing, red state, values-laden America, except our money. So why do we keep crawling back to the Hollywood elites seeking their approval? Why do we get so happy when they deign to toss an Oscar at a movie that doesn’t spit in our face when the same Oscar is given to Michael Moore and those like him who have nothing but contempt for us?

I say, “Feh,” and let them have their awards ceremonies, their ever-expanding roster of self-congratulatory, ego-expanding awards shows by they which they prop up their egos and try to convince themselves of how truly they important they are to the rest of us illiterate and culturally ignorant boobs. Their primary message to us is, “Pay your $10 for the ticket and then sit down, shut up, and receive our product uncritically.” Who needs them?

  • Okay, Dom, here’s some reasoning behind this “crusade”.  All we hear from conservative critics of Hollywood is the demonizing effect its lack of morals has on the culture – esp. for our kids.  Now, as ridiculous as things have gotten in the award ceremonies, they are seen and recognized by the stupid, ignorant, uneducated, innocent – a lot of folks – as stampers of the culture for what is “worthy”.  These happen to be a lot of young people who get their values from such nonsense.  It appears that the only way Hollywood is shown up publicly is through public opinion, esp. through other “biggie” media outlets, and sometimes even ticket sales of the good but rare films – even if they themselves don’t care.  Here we have a piece of art that has been seen by millions world wide and we would like it to continue as an icon for generations to come as The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, The Robe, Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus of Nazareth, etc.  One way to establish this for future generations – and not to have it hidden as some kind of “art” film – is to give it the same recognition it traditionally and classically has earned.  Also, Mel did take some risk and took a lot of personal hits as well.  We need to encourage other “brave hearts” (hee!) to do the same in the future.  If we wish to change anything, step by step, (as we seem to have done a bit lately, politically), we also have to keep our influence going in other very influential areas of our culture as well.  Our cultural influence through film and entertainment goes out to the whole world and helps ruin or raise standards in especially poorer cultures.  The “branches” do their best so the vine can spread!

  • I agree with both Dom and Chris:  we don’t need Hollywood and their values (or lack thereof), but if they ask us (it’s the People’s Choice awards after all) why not tell them what we think?

    I did vote, not because I value these ceremonies, but because I saw this as a rare opportunity to tell them my opinion as well as to give a small token of appreciation to Mr Gibsone for what he has done for us.

  • You little people are so wrong.  Don’t you EVER forget that we matter.  How dare you call us irrelevant? 

    – Barbra Streisand, Anna Nicole Smith, Ben Affleck and Paris Hilton.

  • P-e-o-p-l-e….people who need people..are the luckiest people in the world………….thanks for the memories, Barb!