Whither Catholic Online?

Whither Catholic Online?

It looks like Catholic Online has gone pro-Kerry, if recent columns, like this clumsy defense of being pro-Kerry and lame and error-filled attempt to claim the Kerry would be better at ending abortion than Bush are any indication. I’ve already responded to the latter with a critique based on a Population Research Institute article. Basically, Stassen’s stats and conclusions aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

As for Henline’s silliness, it’s a clumsy attempt to justify moral equivalence by trotting the hoary old chestnut that we shouldn’t be one-issue voters. When the one issue is whether children should be killed or allowed to live, then that’s the only issue that matters. I wouldn’t vote for a KKK grand wizard even if I liked his economic policies, and I’m not going to vote for a pro-abortion candidate either.

And her claim that no one is really pro-abortion is just dumb. The baby being aborted in the womb doesn’t care if you’re “personally opposed, but ...” or that you don’t personally perform abortions, you just don’t want to outlaw it. He’s still just as dead at the end of the day. Jesus made it clear that failing to take action when you could can be just as bad as doing the deed itself. Just ask the “goats” thrown into the fires of Gehenna.

I’m sorry Henline is tired of everyone talking about abortion all the time (evidently she thinks the lives of trees should be just as important as the lives of children), but when there’s a holocaust going on around you and everyone seems numb to it, it’s just as bizarre that people don’t want to talk about it.

Like I said at the top, I’m suprised that Catholic Online would provide a platform to such badly reasoned, immoral, and heretical tripe. They were once known for being a source of Orthodox Catholic writing. This makes me wonder.