Which is more outrageous?

Which is more outrageous?

Here’s how it works, at least in the Diocese of Erie: If you’re a priest and you complain in a sarcastic way that the seminary is filled with homosexuals, the bishop calls what you said outrageous and suspends you from ministry. But if you’re a priest and you’re caught with gay kiddie porn on your computer, you’re sent to counseling, allowed to continue saying Masses, and then commended on putting your life back in order.

Does this sound kind of odd to you? Yeah, me too.

  • Okay, I would clarify that to say that he had his faculties removed in that diocese and was suspended from ministry in that diocese.

    I’m pretty sure he was only allowed to say Mass because of a relative’s funeral. And if he’s banned from preaching, is he allowed to give a homily?

    The main point remains, however: a priest complains about immorality in the seminary and is punished, but another priest commits heinous sins and is coddled. Something is wrong in Erie.

  • A lay person being suspended from ministry is different from a priest being suspended. But your point is still valid. It often seems that those who are defending the faith and the Church’s teachings are more likely to have the full weight of authority come down on them than those who are dissident, probably because those in charge realize that faithful Catholics aren’t going to go anywhere or make a big stink.

    I’m not surprised by this case, but these things need to be pointed out when they arise.