When is a fetus not unborn?

When is a fetus not unborn?

An Associated Press story in today’s Boston Herald reports that two woman and an “unborn fetus” were killed by a reckless driver yesterday in a Boston suburb. What is an “unborn fetus”? By definition, a fetus is unborn. To call him unborn is redundancy. The phrase they want is unborn child, however you can’t use that term in a wire service report.

But one of the women was pregnant, and during the accident, her unborn child was killed. So the AP is in a sticky position: You can’t say that a fetus has been killed, even though that’s what they want to report. And you can’t say that the child was aborted either, because that just sounds stupid. What’s happened is that the AP’s political correctness has run up against reality and logic.

An unborn child was killed in the commission of a crime. That’s the reality. And if the child could be killed during the crime, if the woman had chosen to have an abortion at the same moment instead, then that would be killing the child, too. It’s an inescapable reality, but they will do all the verbal gymnastics they can to escape it.

  • So will the driver be charged with 3 or 2 deaths? hmmmmmm… my guess is 3, because it wasn’t his body to make that choice about . The way they get around it is it’s the womans CHOICE to do with her body as she see fit, not some random reckless driver.

  • Where is the NOW group, Martha Burk and the rest of their ilk when these tragedies occur? Why so silent? Because these women were pregnant? Just exposes them as the liars and phonies that they are.