What’s a few dead babies in the grand scheme of things?

What’s a few dead babies in the grand scheme of things?

The Paulist priest who says the Archdiocese of Boston told him he should give Communion to John Kerry at Mass tomorrow doesn’t understand what the big deail is.

Ardis, who received about 50 critical messages yesterday after word spread that he was willing to give Kerry communion, asked, “How come it’s so much easier to see other people’s sins than to see our own?” And he noted Kerry’s positions are in line with the church’s on the death penalty and “social justice” issues.

He may approve of the murder of innocent children in the womb, but, hey, he’s against killing convicted murderers and wants to expand government bureaucracy so individuals won’t be bothered with engaging in charitable acts. It all balances out in the end, right? (Never mind the fact that Kerry’s interpretation of the Church’s teaching on capital punishment and social justice is not the only possible one, and that Bush’s positions on those issues are just as in-line with the Church.)

  • http://www.paulist.org/boston/groups/index.htm

    Do a couple of searches, using, for example, the words “gay” and/or “voice of the faithful” without the quotes, naturally.

    I’m telling you…this is a political maneuver, nothing less.

    “The archbishop has made no comment about Sen. Kerry and his Catholicism, nor does he plan on doing so in the near future.’’

    And he shouldn’t! Why should the Archbishop, or the archdiocese, play into this obvious political ploy?

  • Since when can this Paulist priest see “other people’s sins” other than when they are public. And this is what the whole issue is about. The “public” serious dissent against Magisterial Teaching. The stubborn mind set to deny Church teaching in a public forum.  And this is cause to come under the censure of “heresy” if there is no repentance.

  • RC,
    The right time and the right way has long passed. But it is still not too late.

    The archbishop and all priests have the solemn duty and obligation to safeguard and protect the Holy Eucharist from “profanation”, especially public “profonation”.

    The archbishop must be willing to suffer whatever backlash arises. It is our “Living Faith” that is being affronted.

  • To see the sins of other people in the sense of pointing them out to make one appear better than the accused is wrong.  Or to accuse publicly someone of sin is very wrong also.

    In the case of Kerry and other Catholic public figures in government, they have loudly and clearly declared their stand.  The press and television news media has been presenting their own self accusation against Church teaching. One would have to be blind and deaf not to observe this. Their very own recoreded votes are on record for anyone to see with their own eyes.

    They are their own accusers. They are the ones pointing out their sins.

    Right or wrong?

  • Kerry was looking for a big showdown. He wants to be able to play the victim.

    Dom, I like the analysis of “social justice.” The socialists get all excited about their big government programs not about alms giving. They’ll adopt those sections of Christian Doctrine that suit them. At best they are Robin Hood. They think stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is virtuous activity. At worst they are Marxists (yeah, I mean you, Mr. Kerry) 

  • Don’t assume things. It makes you look funny.

    I would vote for a pro-life Democrat over a pro-abortion Republican anyday (and I have.)

    The Republican Party has its own problems and isn’t perfect. But it doesn’t make infanticide part of its party platform.

    It’s why Mark Shea calls the Democrats the Evil Party and the Republicans the Stupid Party. I’ll take stupid over evil, if I have to make a choice.

  • Whose talking “Republican” or “Democrat”?

    We are specifically pointing to “CATHOLIC” presidential candidate. However this applies to any public Catholic figure in government or otherwise.