What would we do without them?

What would we do without them?

Diogenes notes a protest by the heterodox group Soulforce against the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. One of the organizers is quoted as saying: “We are the choir directors. We are the liturgists. We are the ones keeping this church going in some cases.”

Apart from the fundamental misunderstanding of the relative importance of choir directors and liturgists to the mission of the Church, I’m actually thinking we’d do just nicely without most of them. Diogenes provides a nice photo illustration of what liturgists have “contributed” to the Church.

  • One of the posters (lrslattery) observes that ‘a Church without liturgists…sounds like a day without sunshine.’

    I propose that a Church without liturgists would be like a day without nuclear war.

  • Just as there are straight male florists and hairdressers who are the exceptions who prove the rule, the same applies to choir directors.

    As for whether we’d be better off without them, I think we’d be better off without most of them. Too often bad Masses begin in the choir loft. Of course, there are several very good choir directors in St. Blogs who aren’t in the “most of them” category.

  • I know straight choir directors and liturgists who woulde make Ninenot and you cringe.  Conversely I know a gay choir director that you and ninenot would probably applaud (if you didn’t know about his gender attraction)  But we don’t need to go down that road

    You started making my point for me Dom.  Not every liturgist or choir director is a member of Soulforce.  Diogenes wants to rip on a group like Soulforce for protesting against church teachings?  More power to him. 

    To lump in all liturgists and choir directors stinks.  Its immature and its third grade.  I’m seeing more of a reason why Diogenes wants a nom de plume.  To lump all liturgists in with the guy in the photo is offensive on more levels than I can count

  • Puh-lease, it’s called satire. And the reality is that he’s more right than wrong. You don’t know who Diogenes is, but if you did you’d understand why he can say what he does with authority.

  • You’re right Dom, I don’t know who Diogenes is.  I haven’t read much of his satirical work to get his tone.  I’ve never had this much trouble getting Dave Barry. 

    It certainly did what it set out to.  It was reinforced by the subsequent comments that the “Ooh you’re a liturgist? You must be gay” theory (third grade line of logic) is held by others as well as him. Its a cheap shot.

    Whoever he is and from whatever authority he speaks from, I would tell him that if I knew him.