What would the wise men think?

What would the wise men think?

Some people claim that there is a movement afoot to re-capture the real meaning of Christmas in reaction to the anti-Christmas political correctness we are subjected to. That’s good.

But Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington said something odd in the story and I’m trying to figure out what he means.

“I believe there is a real revival of religion in our country, not just of Christianity, not just of the traditional religions, but of people who really believe in God and may not be able to express it in the words of present-day religion,” the Catholic cleric told “Fox News Sunday.”

Okay, is a theistic, modernist, non-religion spirituality supposed to be a good thing? Is it contributing to a revival of Christmas or is it part of the problem that got us where we are?

Of course, leave it to politicians, even conservative ones, to miss the point while trying to defend it:

Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, was asked during her own appearance on Fox about the political correctness of banning Christmas trees and depictions of the Nativity. Mrs. Cheney said it began with an honest effort by Americans to be polite and considerate and say “season’s greetings” or “happy holidays” because those they greet might not celebrate Christmas.