What this blog is and is not

What this blog is and is not

Every six months or so I have to remind people what this blog is and is not because I’m getting bombarded by emails and comments full of misapprehensions. It is not a work of journalism. I do not do objective reporting here. This is a work of opinion. Just because I am a journalist does not mean that I must follow some journalistic standard of objectivity when writing my blog.

I am under no obligation to write about what you think is important. This blog is about what interests me or about things that I have an opinion about, or at least an opinion I feel like sharing. If you all are interested in the same things I am, then that’s serendipity. Welcome. If you think I’m not saying enough about, say, Dan Rather, then there about a 10,000 blogs talking about it. Go read them too.

Just because I don’t respond to a comment doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with it. It just means that I have nothing to say about it. Perhaps I think the comment speaks for itself, for good or ill.

I am under no obligation to defend or attack anyone you want to defend or attack. If I don’t say anything, it’s probably because I don’t think I have enough information to form an opinion, because I think it would be better to keep my mouth shut on this one, or because I’ve heard unverifiable rumors that I can’t print, but that nonetheless give me pause about wading into the debate.

Do you have something to say that I’m not saying? Get your own blog. They’re cheap (free, even) and easy to setup.

Oh, and one final thing: Disagree with me in the comments all you want. But annoy me, insult me, question my character or my commitment to my faith and you’ll be banned. I reserve the right to be arbitrary and high-handed in carrying this out.

Okay, now I feel better. I’ll put my soapbox away for another six months or so.

  • Man, Dom, ya gotta loosen your collar, bro. Don’t let the knuckleheads get to you. That’s why you have a delete button. Wear it out.

    Your Sox are in and you should be celebrating. I hate to admit it but last night’s walk-off homer was something else. Only the Yanks…

  • Good for You!! Boggles the mind what you RIBs (Really Important Bloggers) go through from people who should get a life—or at least check their facts.

    Thanks for providing some truly informative stuff!

    Cradle Catholic