What Ratzinger said

What Ratzinger said

James Akin provides a complete explanation of what Cardinal Ratzinger meant in his letter about remote material cooperation, proportionate reasons, and voting for pro-abortion politicians.

I’ve been thinking that all things being equal, it wold have been a mistake for such an unexplained theological point to have been included in a public letter on this matter because of what I was saying earlier about Americans becoming a people who look for the exception as the rule. Of course, this letter was not intended for public consumption in the first place, but was sent to Cardinal McCarrick for distribution to his brother bishops, which he didn’t do, and instead misrepresented it. That necessitated getting the original letter out to the public and that left open the door to this misrepresentation.

  • Most people have sense enough to know that they are Catholics first and Americans second.

    I still say that Bush went to war in Iraq when they could not find Bin Laden. People started praying for the Iraq War long before it happened. Get in tune in the Spirit. God knew about 9-11 and the Iraq War. God and the Vatican were against both of them.

    Vote for whomever you like.

    Bush has not done a thing for pro life in over two years.  Do you think he really cares? 

    Doubt it.  He avoids the stem cell issue except when the polls come out. Both men are opportunists.

    The secular media is tired of the judgemental attitudes that the prolifers have against helping women. Tell John Kerry in the Spirit what you think and tell the President what you think about their positions about things. If you don’t know ask God and the Holy Spirit what that is.

    Get rid of being over worry about am I doing it “cooooorrrrrectly”.