No “brotherly love” for life walkers

No “brotherly love” for life walkers

I’ve mentioned the pro-life walkers from American Life League before. They are walking from Maine to Washington, DC, this summer to bring attention to the pro-life cause. (This is similar to the older Crossroads group that walks across the country, west to east.)

Along the way, the walkerseaders, among them the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to pressure Senate leaders to reintroduce the legislation.

Seriously, I can understand stewardship of creation, but is this really something to spend any amount of time or money on? SUVs are the hip target of those who need scapegoats. Of course, the real science shows that SUVs are the last worry on the list of envronmental polluters, but that’s not sexy enough and doesn’t allow us to hate all those “rich” people who get to drive all those SUVs. Meanwhile, the USCCB wastes its time lobbying for this, and other, liberal laws. Does the USCCB do anything other than waste people’s time and money?

  • A recent solicitation for funds for “pro-life action” from the USCCB mentioned nothing about the controversy of pro-abortion Catholic politicians.  A remarkable letter that could have been written when Nixon was president for all its relevance.

  • Of course, there is an ironic “unintended consequence.”

    Being a “Catholic family,” we have long used 8- and 12-passenger vans for transporting our little darlings.

    The USCC’s favored legislation would make driving a “Catholic family” vehicle insufferably expensive.

    So the USCC’s position is anti-Catholic-family.


  • Tsk! tsk! Dom. Donment_date>2004-07-15 19:30:14
    2004-07-15 23:30:14
    Let’s buy each bishop a unicycle.

  • The bishops don’t know a thing about chemistry, economic systems OR cars.  OK?  That would be us, laypeople, who know that stuff.

    What they’re supposed to know something about is RELIGION.  BUT I have my doubts about that.