What does it gain to win a church, but lose your soul?

What does it gain to win a church, but lose your soul?

Lest we forget, the battle over closed parishes in Boston continues. The folks at one parish, St. Frances Cabrini in Scituate, seem to not grasp the meaning of either what’s happening in the Church or even what it means to be Catholic.

First, they’re suing the archdiocese for ownership of the parish. And if they win, then what? They have a nice empty building that has nothing to do with the Church. Will they then sue the archdiocese to force it to send them a priest? Or will they just go find one from the many schismatic groups out there?

Then we’re told that they’re all (20 people out of the entire parish) going to court tomorrow:

According to Rogers, parishioners are looking for a “sense of solidarity” through legal recourse since their parish is still in dealings with a possible permanent closure or real estate sale.

I wish I could tell that they’ll find that sense of solidarity, not in legal proceedings, but within the Body of Christ and in the shared communion of Catholics. (Notice, how often the parish’s real estate holdings and financial assets are mentioned; what’s the real priority?)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli